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Web-Site Development

Potential clients are searching for businesses like yours all the time. We can help get you to the top of the list, using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), links to social media, and a web-site that looks good on phones, tablets, and PC's.

Our web-sites:

  • are visually clean, clear, and easy to navigate;
  • project a professional image;
  • match your corporate image (colour, font, etc);
  • have contact information that is clear and easy to find;
  • have a 'Form' as an easy way to contact you;
  • do not have too many images; images not too large;
  • do not have too many bells and whistles;
  • may have video/audio on 'Home' page;
  • have no spelling/punctuation errors;
  • are easy to read and use on PC's, notebooks, tablets, & smart phones;
  • have no horizontal scrolling and no more than 3 screens vertical; and
  • are on the first screen of a Google search.

For reference sites, prices, etc, contact Brian Corr on 0417-979-989 or by email.

iPhone example below ...

Our modern, professional web-sites are designed to work comfortably on PC's, Notebooks, Tablets (eg iPad), & Smart Phones (eg iPhone).

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